Olwimpics Firefox 1.0.3

Block the Olympics from your browser


  • Blocks out keywords and images
  • Turns web pages into a color mosaic


  • Doesn't block all keywords or videos
  • Gimmicky

Not bad

Olwimpics is a browser extension that will wipe out of mention of the Olympics from your browser by replacing them with blocks of Olympic colors.

If you're sick of the never ending onslaught of Olympic news coverage, Olwimpics will help you to block out all mention of the Olympics from your browser. After installing Olwimpics, there are no options to configure.

You won't notice the effects of Olwimpics until you start browsing and come across something Olympic related. Olwimpics will block out the word "Olympics" with yellow, black, red, blue, and green (the Olympic colors). Images and other keywords are blocked as well. Unfortunately, the articles themselves nor their videos are hidden from view.

Olwimpics is a fun gimmick of a browser extension that doesn't really help to block out coverage of the Olympics. It will just make your web pages and search results look like a ransom note.

Spanish words now translated! (Thanks anonymous!)


  • Spanish words now translated! (Thanks anonymous!)

Olwimpics supports the following formats

Windows, Safari, and Chrome.



Olwimpics Firefox 1.0.3

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